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Below are links to the apologies of the defendants in the matter of Ontario Superior Court of Justice case number 99-CV182688CM, George Kirikos (Plaintiff) v. Craig Nicks, Stacey Levin, Eduardo Catucci, Christopher Morrison, Spring Rhey Munsel, Jared Proudfoot, Paul Everingham and Steve Goegoes (Defendants) regarding defamation.

These versions are the original full page scans at 300 dots per inch. Thus, they are quite large (2528 pixels by 3300 pixels) and are more suited towards printing, rather than viewing in a web browser (unless you have a really big monitor). To view smaller versons of the scans in your browser, go here. To print the files, it is best to save them to your hard disk, and then use an image viewer such as Irfanview.

** There are two scans for this defendant. The first is a letter authorizing Mr. Herbert Huffman of the firm Brechin & Huffman to sign on behalf of Ms. Munsel. The second is the apology signed by Mr. Huffman (on the right hand side) on her behalf.


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